Challenging Cornell’s Plan to Build North Campus Dorms Reliant on Fracked Gas

Photo by Michael Wenye Li / Sun Photography Editor
Cornell Daily Sun: “Local Activists Challenge University‚Äôs Plan to Run North Campus Additions on Natural Gas”

While expanding the dorms on North Campus sounds like a brilliant idea, it lacks an adequate Environmental Impact Statement. This project would increase methane leakage emissions and has poor insulation design, and in trying to cover up these facts poses many setbacks for our Climate Action Plan.

The buildings Cornell adds today will be in operation long after the 2035 goal of carbon neutrality has been met. If Cornell is going to maintain that commitment, it needs student housing that is compatible with renewable heating and doesn’t have additional energy demands because insulation was not prioritized.

Shoutout to Jenny Xie (Co-Campaign Coordinator) for speaking out against the lack of student engagement and the misleading emissions statements. The upstream methane emissions of our combined heat and power plant are our responsibility, and by presenting sustainability data that ignores these emissions Cornell is being deceptive and undermining the climate.

Update on September 18th: We’ve got a petition. Sign on and share it with your friends!

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