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Tell the Board of Trustees to commit to full divestment from fossil fuels to align our investments with our values and commitment to sustainability.

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Here’s some background info:

Cornell has invested millions of dollars in fossil fuels, meaning that the university benefits from the destruction wrought by fossil fuel companies. Climate change is a social justice issue; it has real effects on people locally and throughout the world.

Cornell has refused to disclose exactly how much they have invested, but considering that 4-6% of endowments are invested in fossil fuels, we estimate that Cornell owns around $400 million.

All Cornell Assemblies have passed a resolution calling for the university to stop investing in this exploitative, morally reprehensible industry. As beneficiaries of the endowment, we must call for divestment.

Fossil fuel divestment would occur gradually, and there are many different models for completing it. Done properly, it does not pose financial risk to the University.

Letter to CFO Joanne DeStefano

On February 19, CJC formally withdrew from monthly meetings with Chief Financial Officer/Executive Vice President Joanne DeStefano and Vice President of Community Relations Joel Malina. This letter expresses our frustration at the administration’s failure to take our concerns seriously. We look forward to seeing the Investments Office take steps toward responsible and sustainable investment policies such as encouraging donors to place donations in a separate, responsibly-invested endowment. However, we will not concede our requests for financial transparency and a task force on responsible investing strategy.