Project teams

Want to be more involved? Join a project team! Or two! Or three!

Ithaca green new deal

The Ithaca Green New Deal (IGND) project team is drawing attention to the IGND through a series of local education events. You can learn more about the IGND here! If this grassroots action calls you, please come join us! We meet every other week during g-body meetings. Reach out to Siobhan Hull ( to get involved.

Cryptocurrency mining

The cryptocurrency mining project meets every other week during g-body meetings. This team is advocating against the development of proof-of-work bitcoin mining facilities and the electricity wasted in powering them. Reach out to Laila Reimanis ( to get involved.

Recruitment/ Retention

The Recruitment/Retention subteam works to make sure each person in CJC feels welcome and connected to each other. This includes planning and hosting social events and holding one-on-one conversations with new members. We also address issues within CJC and make sure they don't go unnoticed. We meet during Tre(E)-board meetings every week. Reach out to Laila Reimanis ( or Brandon Restler ( to get involved.